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    Send these 100 lovely roses and let them depict that how much you miss being there on their special moments.
    Price : 3495 / $81.47
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    Shoppers Stop Gift Vouchers Rs.2500/-
    <br><br><b>Shipping Info:</b> Ships Within 3-4 Working Days
    Price : 3149 / $73.4
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    Send these 50 Dutch Red Roses to your loved one and make them realise that you are nuts about him/her and express those unsaid words, you mean the world to me.
    Price : 1745 / $40.68
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    Delicious Delight
    Yellow Gerberas, Carnations and Daisies in a tall basket arrangement.
    Price : 1099 / $25.62
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    Sunny days
    Ten Bright yellow Gerberas ,3 lovely Yellow Lilies and 6 Yellow Carnation with green fillers oozing out with energy, in a basket arrangement. <br>Send these bright basket to the one who is so closed to your heart.
    Price : 1095 / $25.52
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    12 Pink Orchids
    An ocean of pink Orchids..in a vase. Let your loved one swim in the sea of smiles. Send these 12 Orchids freshly trimmed in soft pink and white. They appear delicate but are unsurpassed for their enduring beauty.
    Price : 1079 / $25.15
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    Arrangement of Roses+daisy
    Send this Beautiful arrangement of Roses and Daisies in a basket to your friends and relatives in India.
    Price : 789 / $18.39
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    Smiling Bouquet
    Medium size arrangement includes: Bird of Paradise, gerberas daisies, roses, Asiatic lily, snap dragon, field daisy and assorted greenery. Sweet gift good for any occasion and any time... just because. Spring flower in soft and delicate colors.
    Price : 789 / $18.39
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    Rose Arrangement
    The natural beauty of bamboo adds to the splendor of this arrangement. A bunch of twelve yellow and red roses arranged with lots of green leaves to make it look refreshingly beautiful.
    Price : 695 / $16.2
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