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    Wanna win his/her heart, then send this garden of 100 Fresh Dutch Roses with baby wreaths which says,
    Price : 3495 / $81.47
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    Heart & Roses
    Lovely combination of sumptuous 1 Kg Heart Shaped Chocolate Cake with a Basket full of 15 Red Roses.
    Price : 1429 / $33.31
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    1Kg.Badam Pista Roll
    1Kg. Badam Pista Roll.<br><br>Shipping Info : Within 2-3 Days
    Price : 1249 / $29.11
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    Teddy with Roses and Rocher
    Sinfully delicious hazelnut chocolates being carried for your beloved by this cute teddy ( Height 6 inches) which says I miss you with these 6 red roses.
    Price : 1199 / $27.95
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    12 Pink Orchids
    An ocean of pink Orchids..in a vase. Let your loved one swim in the sea of smiles. Send these 12 Orchids freshly trimmed in soft pink and white. They appear delicate but are unsurpassed for their enduring beauty.
    Price : 1079 / $25.15
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    Teddy-with heart
    Shipping Info - 3 Working Days" border=0>

    Price : 749 / $17.46
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    Rose Arrangement
    The natural beauty of bamboo adds to the splendor of this arrangement. A bunch of twelve yellow and red roses arranged with lots of green leaves to make it look refreshingly beautiful.
    Price : 695 / $16.2
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    Sincere Love
    White pristine beauty lies in these 15 handtied soft gerberas. Surely send your sincere love with these flowers.
    Price : 639 / $14.9
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    Celebration Caramels-290gm_(Hand Delivery).
    Cadbury Dairy Milk milk choolate with a chewy caramel centre.<br><br><b> Shipping Info</b>: Ships Within 3-4 Working Days.
    Price : 639 / $14.9
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    All about love
    You don\'t love a woman because she\'s beautiful, she\'s beautiful because you love her. Shower her with love by dedicating this alluring bouquet of 16 red and pink roses. Red roses symbolize your undying love while pink ones signify the perfect happiness you\'re in whenever you\'re with her. And we say, it\'s all about love.
    Price : 629 / $14.66
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    Love You
    In the groove a bright, beautiful selection of seasonal flowers. Three Gerberas, two Lilliums and eight Roses.
    Price : 549 / $12.8
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