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  • 12 Roses with Dinner for Four at Taj
    12 Red Roses Bunch with Dinner for Four Taj Vouchers.Gift your dear ones a memorable dining experience.<br><br>Hand delivery will be done for the roses bunch and it can be delivered your desired date. Voucher will be delivered through courier.<br><br><Strong>Shipping Info:</Strong> All non-perishable items are couriered from our head office. Please allow us 3-4 working days for delivering these gifts.
    Price : 4039 / $94.15
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    Floral Exuberance
    <br>Spread the beauty of love with the collection of 75 Multicoloured Gerberas.
The multi color Gerberas are sure to add an excellent hue.<br>
Arranged in a height of 3.5 to 4  feet bouquet with lots of greenary and decorated with Ribbons, this collection will make your special one feel very special.<br><br>

Picture is Indicative.
    Price : 2895 / $67.48
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    Mix Dry Fruit in Silver Bowls
    Assorted Four types of dry fruits (Total 1 Kg)packed in a medium size german silver bowls. Long after the dryfruits are consumed, the lovery german silver bowls can be untilized for multi purposes.<br><br>Shipping Info : Within 2-3 Days
    Price : 1545 / $36.01
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    High Choice
    <br>A Glass  vase decorated with 6 Orange Roses, 6 Red Roses ,6 Red Carnation, 1 Stem of Orange lily filled with green leafs and decorated with Ribbon.<br>

A gift coated with a lot of love for conveying the message from heart to the ones you love in India.
    Price : 1495 / $34.85
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    Pinapple cake and seasonal flowers
    Fresh pinapple cake, with pinapple crunches hidden inside, will melt in your mouth and a hand tied bunch of lovely roses, carnations and gladioles delicately tied in a prim crepe with a flowing satin bow.
    Price : 1539 / $35.87
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    40 Multicoloured Roses
    These 40 mixed Colour Roses with greens are bursting with Love, Care and best wishes for your loved one. Send these Full Of Colour Roses and make someone's day full of smiles.
    Price : 1095 / $25.52
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    For You Only
    <br>Any occasion comes to its vibrant self when there are exclusive gifts.  10 Pink Roses and 6 bright Lilies with green foliage in a glass vase is an exclusive arrangement.  A gift which conveys-“For You Only.”<br><br>

A gift only for your dear ones in India.  Express your mind!  <br>
    Price : 1095 / $25.52
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    12 Pink Orchids
    An ocean of pink Orchids..in a vase. Let your loved one swim in the sea of smiles. Send these 12 Orchids freshly trimmed in soft pink and white. They appear delicate but are unsurpassed for their enduring beauty.
    Price : 1079 / $25.15
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    12 Carnations + 16 Fererro Rocher
    Beatiful 12 Carnation with 16pic Fererro Rocher Chocolates.
    Price : 1249 / $29.11
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    12 Roses with Black Forest cake
    1/2 Kg. Black Forest cake with 12 lovely red dutch roses,is the best way to shower blessings on your loved one.
    Price : 899 / $20.96
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    Vanilla Cake-1 Kg.
    This Vanilla flavoured cake is a delightful treat and is a favourite cake for all ages. Send this to India for your dear ones on special occassions.
    Price : 899 / $20.96
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    Gerberas & Orchid
    <br>12 Pink Gerberas &  Purple Orchids in a basket is an exceptional combination.  A gift for all the special moments in life!<br><br>  

Send this gift to your dear ones in India and make them feel special. <br>
    Price : 849 / $19.79
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    24 Pink Carnation
    A wonderful bunch of 24 Pink Carnations.
    Price : 795 / $18.53
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    Purple Delight
    <br>A wonderful glass vase filled with 6 stems of Purple Orchids are a delight!  They are beauty redefined.<br><br>  
Send the Purple Delight to your near and dear ones in India and make them a part of the festivities. <br>
    Price : 699 / $16.29
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    Roasted Pista in a gift box
    1/2 Kg Salty Roasted Pistas in a fancy gift box Packing.<br><br>Shipping Info : Within 2-3 Days
    Price : 695 / $16.2
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    Rose Arrangement
    The natural beauty of bamboo adds to the splendor of this arrangement. A bunch of twelve yellow and red roses arranged with lots of green leaves to make it look refreshingly beautiful.
    Price : 695 / $16.2
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    Exclusive Gerberas
    <br>12 fascinating orange Gerberas with green foliage in a cane basket is an exclusive arrangement.  A gift to remember for a long time to come!<br><br>  

The Exclusive 12 Gerberas basket is a special arrangement for the ones who are close to you.  Send this exceptional gift to India.<br>
    Price : 645 / $15.03
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    Golden Basket
    <br>12 beautiful yellow Carnations beautifully arranged in a cane basket.  A gift for an occasion called “Life.”<br><br>

Send the Golden Basket to your dear ones in India and show that you care. <br>
    Price : 595 / $13.87
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    12 Multicolour Roses
    One Dozen Multi Coloured Roses which say in a very special way that you care.
    Price : 499 / $11.63
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